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Clinic Management System?

Clinic Management System?

Enrich your Clinical Experience with our Clinic Chain Management Software

The Hospital Management Software serves you right as it helps you capture the right information in no time. It helps in issuing patient bills, keeps a track of the stocks, and reduces the use of paper, by sending the reports through emails and in the form of SMSs.

Patient Registration

  • Patient Registration module of our Practice Management System is designed to manage vital information for the patient information chart, which marks the outset of demographics capture. It encompasses the patient’s name, address and contact information, birth date, employer, and insurance information.
  • Unique patient ID for tracking visits
  • Automatically verifies patients’ benefits eligibility using secured electronic data interchange
  • Sends updates through SMS text messages or emails to reduce no-shows.

Appointment & Scheduling

  • This module of Clinic Management System facilitates effective scheduling of appointments of patients for the doctors, laboratory and radiology services.
  • eClinic systems often include a calendaring or scheduling component that allows staff to create and track upcoming patient visits. Software is often differentiated by whether it allows double-booking, or whether it uses a scheduling or a booking model. Schedules are often color-coded to allow healthcare providers (i.e. doctors, nurses, assistants) to easily identify blocks of time or sets of patients.

Outpatient Management

  • All the details of Outpatient patients are managed in this module of Clinic Management System.
  • Simple patient Billing / Collection
  • Clearly organized services, e.g. Consulting Services, Procedures, Medicines, X-Ray, Labs, MRI etc.
  • Manage invoice, payment due, and advance payment
  • SMS for patient notification, payment, next vaccine dose
  • Generates reports easily, daily, monthly, yearly or by date

Laboratory Management

  • This integrated module of our Clinic Management System is used by the pathology lab to record and disseminate the information regarding the tests performed
  • Effectively manages patient medical tests, exam reports, commercial records and laboratory department activities
  • Generates billing for both inpatients and outpatients
  • Authorized personnel will finalize test report, only finalized test reports can be printed
  • Finalized reports can be visualized on screen sent to the ward
  • Lab reports available via patient portal enabling complete paperless solution
  • SMS/Email sent to patient when results are available
  • Lab Machine integrated with our Practice Management Software eClinic Systems
  • Wide variety of workflow modules

adiology Management

  • This integrated module of Clinic Management System is used by the radiology department
  • As the radiology tests are booked at reception desk, request is automatically sent to the radiology department.
  • Centralized reporting tool for CT, MRI, Ultrasound, X-ray and PACS
  • Completely compatible with all radiological imaging technologies
  • Offers smart methodologies for interpretation
  • Generates billing for inpatient and outpatient
  • Authorized personnel finalizes test report, only finalized test reports can be printed
  • Finalized reports can be visualized on screen, sent to the ward, sent via email
  • Radiology reports available via patient portal enabling complete paperless solution
  • SMS/Email sent to patient when results are available

Pharmacy Management

  • Complete pharmacy shop can be managed through this module of Clinic Management System. Additionally it can be linked to main billing. As patient collects medicines from pharmacy shop their charges will automatically transfer to patient billing.
  • Oversee drug distribution, management of stock
  • Receive prescriptions from consulting doctors; send dispensing unit down to a particular patient, without any need for manual intervention
  • Arrangement of FIFO and LIFO dispensing methods
  • Avoid incorrect distribution of medication

Reception Management


  • Reception Management module manages front desk reception activities. Status of any patient/doctor can be queried from this module, e.g., timing of consultant, residential address/patient room search.

SMS Integration


  • Our Practice Management can integrate with commercially available SMS Packages.
  • SMS are sent at numerous configurable events as per the hospital’s business rules


Almost invariably, the process of running a medical practice requires some introspection, and Practice Management System, eClinic Systems contains reporting capabilities to allow users to extract detailed data on financial performance and patient financial histories. Our Practice Management System, eClinic has both pre-setup reports as well as allow users to design their own, ad-hoc reports.

What are benefits of a Clinic Management System?

  • The Clinic Management System allows easy access to patient data to generate various records, including classification based on demographic, gender, age, and so on. It is especially beneficial at the ambulatory point, hence enhancing continuity of care. Internet-based access improves the ability to access such data remotely.
  • It helps as a decision support system for the medical clinic authorities for developing comprehensive health care policies.
  • It efficiently engenders the running of finance, the diet of patients, and also the distribution of medical aid. It gives a vivid picture of future clinic growth.
  • It reflects an improved drug usage monitoring system, including its effectiveness. It relegates adverse drug interaction to the background and gives a push to appropriate pharmaceutical utilization.
  • Integrated Inventory Management keeps track of all clinic stocks from medicines to Durable Medical Equipments and helps you keep the optimum level of stock all the time. It also minimizes the lost stock due to theft and misplacement.
  • It enhances information integrity by a reduction in transcription errors and duplication of information entries.
  • Clinic Management System is easy to use and eliminates errors caused by handwriting.
  • The latest technology gives perfect performance to pull up information from hosted or cloud servers.
  • It provides all data in a single platform, hence enables Business Intelligence Module to provide valuable insights into clinic operations and the quality of patient care.
  • It enhances the overall health care experience in a healthcare facility.
  • It improves the communication and interaction of doctors with their patients.
  • It reduces expenses of an organization because of less paperwork, improved safety, and reduced duplication of testing.



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Enterprise resource planning ERP

Enterprise resource planning ERP

Drive performance, increase revenue and reduce costs

Our Enterprise resource planning (ERP)  system is an  integrated software applications that standardizes, streamlines and integrates business processes across finance, human resources, procurement, distribution, and other departments. Typically, ERP systems operate on an integrated software platform using common data definitions operating on a single database.

Enterprise Accounting & Consolidation

Human Capital Management

Suppliers & Purchasing Management

 Customer Relationships

Business intelligence / Reporting and analytics

Key features of our ERP systems

The scale, scope, and functionality of Elegance ERP  features the following characteristics:

  1. Enterprise-wide integration. Business processes are integrated end to end across departments and business units. For example, a new order automatically initiates a credit check, queries product availability, and updates the distribution schedule. Once the order is shipped, the invoice is sent.
  2. Real-time (or near real-time) operations. Since the processes in the example above occur within a few seconds of order receipt, problems are identified quickly, giving the seller more time to correct the situation.
  3. A common database. A common database enables data to be defined once for the enterprise with every department using the same definition. Some ERP systems split the physical database to improve performance.
  4. Consistent look and feel. Early ERP vendors realized that software with a consistent user interface reduces training costs and appears more professional. When other software is acquired by an ERP vendor, common look and feel is sometimes abandoned in favor of speed to market. As new releases enter the market, most ERP vendors restore the consistent user interface.

Custom ERP Development Services

We build custom ERP solutions that fulfill your unique business requirements with a focus on streamlining workflows. They enable you to automate, plan, collaborate, and execute business operations efficiently

Expert Consulting

We consult you to evaluate how effectively we can use your existing ERP system or build a full-fledged custom solution. Our technology leaders work with you to build a solution that meets your business goals

Key to Better Business Performance

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