In healthcare industry there is an increasing demand to find affordable, easy-to deploy technology to improve patient oriented services and communications effectiveness among all the parties involving in the hospital activities. The patient centered process ontology which was proposed, has been adapted in the development of our Clinic Management System. The main idea here is to develop and maintain a central knowledgebase that extracts necessary information from the databases layer down. There are couple of databases to hold patient, clinic and healthcare roles’ information. There are five interfaces to the CMS knowledgebase. Three of them are to interact with process layers mentioned. The remaining two interfaces are to provide value added healthcare services to patients and also to administrative services to relevant authorities. Registering a new patient Registering officer has the authority to register a patient. The proposed system is to issue a colored registration sticker for the patient at different stages when they are directed to a clinic. The registration sticker holds the registration number, clinic number, name of the patient, clinic date and the time and the room number. The color codes are as follows.

In this interface it could be noticed that there are three different areas of information shown. Firstly, patient information; secondly, reference made; finally, the clinic details. When selecting the clinic, some essential data is filled automatically such as the Registration Number that patient got Room Number and current date and time. In the appointment time slot, it contains additional information such as the number of maximum places for that slot within brackets and occupied places immediately left outside the brackets. This will be much helpful for patients when finding most convenient time slot to come to clinics. This context – patients. As a real applicability of proposed patient centered ontological framework that has been proposed, we have developed an application to Clinic Management at General Hospital. Although the system yet to be deployed, we are very much certain of possible benefits not only to ultimate patients but also healthcare personnel will receive in their day-to-day activities. (Electronic Commerce and Collaboration Competence Center) Research Group, Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science.

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