By Rudi Potgieter,
Executive Head: Guardian Eye

Watch and listen to Rudi Potgieter, Executive Head for Guardian Eye at Elegance, as he speaks about Elegance ICE (In Case of Emergency), a first of its kind in the country. It sees the international best practice combined with the local expertise and insights of Elegance to deliver an affordable and user-friendly solution that addresses the problem of monitoring the elderly who live independently at home in a non-intrusive manner.

Designed and developed by several professionals from the medical, paramedical, and social sectors, Elegance ICE consists of motion sensors installed at strategic places inside the house and a wearable alert pendant. This non-invasive solution runs movement data captured by the sensors through a deep learning engine that builds trends and events around the elderly person living on their own.

Elegance ICE is the perfect non-invasive solution that provides telecare to South Africans irrespective of their physical location. With Elegance, it is about saving lives and delivering innovation that solves a significant human challenge through technology.

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